Green Corner: Page 9 (with Wallpaper)

Green Corner has been updated. Published page 9 viewable here. New desktop wallpaper in the Midori Forest group files: friends2_1440x900.jpg(it’s a larger version of page nine) The specials are also available as wallpapers. Send me an email with screen dimensions if there’s a particular size you’d like. I also added more pencils (up to page

Portfolio Website Update

I’ve made some updates to my portfolio website. There’s some new and updated pieces there, along with some streamlining of the site design and coding. I also added a link back to my art blog in the navigation. I’m considering the addition of some other pieces as well. I’d especially like to add to the

Green Corner Website Update

I’ve just uploaded quite a few changes to the Green Corner site. New things you may notice: The new Setting page combines the Midori Forest and Yousei Academy information New avatars/ icons Changed character bios (Aena’s and Barudo’s have new images) New About page (different from the FAQ) Progress images added to the gallery through