Art Post: Lady with a Fan (part three)

I can finally reveal that this illustration is a Mother’s day gift. While I’d gotten input on the sketch from my Mom earlier, I didn’t tell her until Mother’s day that the illustration was a custom gift for her. Kind of sneaky, but it worked out well for me! She said the lady kind of

Art Post: Lady with a Fan (part two)

Here’s the initial progress on the vector of the lady with a fan (the sketch is viewable in this post). Just the flat colour here, but you can see most of the costume changes in this image. I’m still working on this one behind the scenes, but I need to decide on some more background

Art Post: Lady with a Fan

Just a little something I drew on the prompt “hats and hair.” My mother said it seemed to have a bit of a Regency feel to it and made some suggestions about things I could add to give it a more obvious Regency inspiration. Drawn with fineliner marker and cleaned up in Photoshop. I’ve been

New Feed URL

I’m switching the feed URL for this blog to Please update your feed settings if you’re subscribed. Edit: After some help from my brother, Laurence I’ve fixed things so that the feed link in the address bar displays correctly and your feed aggregator, if you’re subscribed to either of the old feeds, will automatically