As I mentioned recently, I’ve been working on an image of Alice looking into the garden for my Alice Project. You can see Alice alone in my “Alice Looking In” art post.

Here’s the composite image with the garden (click the image to enlarge):

My timer wasn’t on while I drew the garden, but I estimate that it took near 10 hours to complete because of all the details and tweaking. The roses, topiaries, arches, pointy trees, and columns are original symbols that I created. The scattered leaves and sand were default symbols that I re-coloured.

I realize the leaves look kind of shiny on screen, but the highlights will be more subtle in print. I still need to convert the garden to greyscale and crop the image to add it to my Alice Project book. It was nice to work in colour this time, and it gets me thinking about possibilities for the book cover.

I will be formatting this image to sell as prints over on RedBubble. When it’s available for purchase, I’ll mention it here. Enjoy 🙂