Another image for my Alice Project. The coloured background is for online display only. The book will have a black and white interior.

This is when Alice is leading the animals ashore (and not mentioning that it’s her pool of tears they’re swimming in). I’ll probably crop this for the book.

Illustrator CS3, 3 hours, 43 minutes. I used a gradient mesh for the top of the water, along with some feathering of some spots in the water.

I’m aware that her hair seems a bit lopsided, but she strikes me as a girl who moves a lot. Even when treading water and talking to the animals, she’s probably moving around to face whomever she’s speaking to (which explains the placement of her hair).

Pose reference used for head to waist. It’s near impossible to find pictures of people swimming like this, so I approximated the legs.

Enjoy 🙂