This illustration features four animals having a tea party: a monkey, a bird, a rat/mouse, and a cat. It’s a kid-friendly piece this time, because I had an idea that I couldn’t help drawing. I hope you enjoy it.

Scroll down to see the progress from start to finish.

The Pencil Sketch:

There were some obvious mistakes with the pencil sketch, but I focused on getting the concept down as I could easily fix a lot of the problems digitally. I didn’t want to spend too much time fixing some of the things in the pencil sketch that are really easy to draw digitally, as it’s more efficient for me to just have the idea for simple objects roughed in and finish them later (especially the tray of snacks). If I were to finish this traditionally, I would have done at least one more version that was tighter. When I finish digitally though, my sketches can be rougher.

Digital Progress #1:

Just the monkey and the rat, so far. With some of the scenery started.

Digital Progress #2:

Flat colour for all of the characters and more of the objects added.

The Finished Piece (click to enlarge):

Closeup (click to enlarge):

You can see the detail of the dinnerware and snacks better here. The sugar cubes and most of the cheese slices are 3D objects. the crackers were placed using blends. And the steam from the tea uses the feather effect. I hope that’s enough tricks for now, but if you have questions, I can do some more mini-tutorials on how I put some of these things together.