This is the new background image for my Twitter profile page. I kept this pretty simple in the digital stage. There’s shading, but I didn’t really add many details to the hair. Total time was about three and a half hours. I kept the colouring in shades of brown, but it sometimes gets a more greyish tint on screen.

This drawing features myself and my pet cat, Tabitha.

The pencil version of this is available here, if you’d like to compare. (I flipped the bangs for the digital, to be more accurate)

Hope you enjoy the image 🙂

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  1. Hey – was just browsing blogs and looking for other artists in the Greater Toronto Area, hoping to expand my network and connections. You've got some very unique artwork going on, totally dig it.

    Anyway, hope you'll check out my blog too and maybe pass on any advice you have for an aspiring artist!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, glad you like my work 🙂

    I'm really not as active in the comics industry as I'd like to be. I'm a professional graphic designer, and tend to keep pretty active in that field. It can be hard to be active in comics too, but I'm always interested in meeting/talking with more people interested in comics and making comics.

    I'm not really sure what advice you're looking for. Guidance for figure drawing? I could possibly make a future tutorial on a subject like that but I'm not sure I've really seen enough of your work to give you specific advice that will help you develop your skills.

    If you have a specific question though, I will try to answer it 🙂

  3. N


    I came across your blog when searching for vectors, and I must say I really like your work, amongst other things I am also a designer, and I will really enjoy following your blog now on.

    Regards from Europe


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