I’ve been working on and off on a personal project for a while that I’ve been referring to as “The Alice Project.” It’s a short booklet featuring excerpts from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland accompanied by my original illustrations. The interior pages will be black and white, and I’m planning for a colour cover. When it’s finished, I’ll be selling printed books as well as e-books.

Part of the reason I started the project was to have another multi-page piece to add to my portfolio. This project allows me to show my abilities as a designer as well as an illustrator. It’s a challenging project, and I will be using reference for the majority of the illustrations. I’m also using this project as a means to be more adventurous with my pose and angle choices for figures.

The following are my drawings of Alice for the first chapter, I hope you enjoy them.

Falling Alice

Alice Looking Up

Reaching for the Key