These are a couple of quick, almost caricature type cartoons that I did a while back (March 18th, 2010). I scanned them in a long time ago but I only just cleaned up the linework a little. I drew these while watching an episode of Ellen, where Pamela Anderson was a guest. They had a caricaturist there drawing them live, but from what I recall, Ellen seemed to think the caricature of herself was too exaggerated. I don’t think she’s a big fan of caricatures in general.

My caricature style is a lot softer and more subtle. Things that I tend to focus on for likeness are the shape of the face, the shape of the nose, shape of the ears (if visible), shape of the eyebrows, size of the eyes, and of course – the hair.
I found it interesting to draw these two women who look very different from each other, and pick out little nuances to hint at their likeness. I think that the sketch of Ellen shows likeness better, but maybe that’s because the sketch of Pamela reminds me a little of my character Zalanda, from my comic series, Green Corner.
I’m not sure if I’ll ever do a quick, simple vector of these, I may just do a hand-drawn marker version instead for a version with cleaner lines.
The sketching was fun for me to do, as I hardly draw caricatures anymore and it’s a good exercise to practice likeness of real people. When I worked at a theme park, I drew LOTS of caricatures and they ended up being one of my favourite things to draw. Portraits looks lovely, but they are a lot more challenging and time-consuming.
Hope you enjoy the sketches. I’ll also look around for more pieces I’ve scanned in but haven’t shared yet.