Here’s a recent sketch, of Kasha from my comic series, Green Corner. Pose reference was from this image by PersephoneStock.

This sketch will be the basis of a final drawing that I’m planning to represent the three of coins tarot card.

(Edit: this was originally going to be added to a collaborative tarot project, but I am no longer a part of that project which is still only 60% finished. Since I am no longer a part of that project, I am no longer promoting it.)

Traditionally, the three of coins features a person chiseling a column or a similar activity. I’ve chosen to go with something more unique and have Kasha running through a finish line to indicate a physical accomplishment. I do still need to work on the background elements for this card, but the figure will be the focal point and I’m fairly happy with how it’s looking so far.

Hope you enjoy!

By the way, the reason for my being quiet lately was a trip to Sakura Con 2011, which I was covering as a press representative for Moon Chase. Early last week was spent preparing for a panel I was hosting as well as developing interview questions for a few of the guests. I will be posting convention coverage on the Moon Chase blog, but I’m open to sharing some of my cosplay photos on here too. Recently, I’ve also been working on a brand new site design for Moon Chase, to be used when the site is transferred to WordPress. Once it’s re-launched, I’ll share some images and info about that as well.

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