This drawing was created with fineliner marker, quite a while ago, as you can tell by the date in the picture. I created this as a basis for a simple background to make a change to the website for my comic series, Green Corner. I intended to create a vector version and move pieces around to create a background that could move based on browser size.

It’s pretty simplified and drawn without the use of reference. Some parts of it I’m happy with, other parts don’t feel quite right to me. I think it’s a good starting point, but I would have to make quite a few changes in a vector variation so that it creates the effect that I want. Mostly, I dislike the way the top branches of the trees look. They don’t seem natural enough.
Eventually I hope to finish a more compelling background for that site though, as it’s really quite plain right now. This is fine on pages that include images, but the text-heavy pages end up looking pretty dry.
Scenery isn’t something I tend to put a huge focus on a lot of the time, although I do feel it’s very important to have a good setting in any image. I think it might be interesting to see some of the backgrounds from my images without the figures in front, but usually I try to direct more attention to the figures rather than the setting. Of course establishing an appropriate setting with a good level of detail helps frame the subject of the picture. I also find it adds more interesting things for a viewer to enjoy.
I hope you liked seeing this simple background sketch. Hopefully I’ll find time to work on a more polished version before long.

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  1. I like the tree stump in the corner there – evocative of loss, history, and a certain ruthless romanticism. A simple landscape – but by no means simplistic.

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