I’ve been sketching different figures today for page 21, which is one of those pages where there’s more body language than action. This can be a little challenging when it comes to framing, to ensure that there’s enough interest for the page while not sacrificing the most important aspects of the body language.

These sketches probably look a bit strange out of context, and Zalanda (on the right) will likely be flipped for the final. I used some pose reference for these, as my earlier sketches didn’t have the right energy.The gist of this page is that Zalanda mocks Aena for being clumsy, to which Kasha objects with “That’s not a very nice thing to say.” It’s Kasha’s remark that Aena and Zalanda are reacting to here.

Obviously there are some mistakes that I’ll be correcting in the digital version of these, but they’re reasonably tight pencil sketches. There’s something about Zalanda’s expression and pose that reminded me again of my influence from Dan DeCarlo. I read Archie comics when I was a kid, but I’m not really sure when my illustrations started to show the influence of Dan DeCarlo’s style. I think it’s become more obvious in recent years, and now I tend to gravitate towards drawing female characters who look somewhat innocent yet flirtatious.

I always find it interesting to contrast Aena and Zalanda. The characters are sisters, but even if their physiques were more similar, they carry themselves in drastically different ways. Zalanda often poses in a way that exudes confidence and an unspoken, yet obvious “look at me.” Aena is playful and energetic, but she can also be subdued as she is here. Aena has a greater range of emotion that she shows, so I have a lot of fun drawing her and experimenting.

Zalanda tends to be a bit more restrained with her emotions, and she will seem rather one-sided in the comic for the most part. If I haven’t drawn her in a while, I also tend to find her more challenging, because her figure is extremely curvy, and I’m more accustomed to using proportions that are more natural (like Aena).

I hope you like this hint at what’s to come for the next page of Green Corner.