I started this sketch recently, on the 16th. The characters are Alshina and Koru, from my comic series, Green Corner. You may recognize them from a previous special, Valentine Kiss.

I made some small changes last night to Koru’s clothing (the shirt collar and tie), but otherwise it’s pretty much the same as when I started it. I’m still not completely sure about the way that Koru is holding Alshina’s hand, as I want it to be a little softer and gentler, but that’s something I can work on during the digital version.

I haven’t fully decided on the background yet, but I’m thinking of making this illustration set outdoors with some trees. Cherry could be nice, or something unique to the fantasy world of Green Corner.

I did other sketches to try out more ideas with couples for a Valentine’s Day special, but I think this one has the most promise. I actually had an idea something like this a couple years ago, but couldn’t draw it out well enough then. It’s nice to be able to tell how much I’ve progressed by being able to draw more complicated scenes. I will still have to make some adjustments to this, mostly to make sure that their relative heights are correct and refine some details.

I hope you like the sketch so far. I did this on scrap paper, so the type from the other side made some shadows when I darkened the scan. I hope you can see the idea clearly enough despite that, but there will be more detail in the digital version, of course.