I’ve been sketching more than usual in my sketchbook recently. I often sketch on loose paper, and I think it’s partly because my sketchbook is a bit larger than I’d like at 11″ x 14″. I prefer 9″ x 12″. These are from the past few days, drawn with mechanical pencil. I may end up making digital illustrations of all of these. All sketches were darkened and treated to minor cleanup in Photoshop.

I hope you like them!
Aena from Green Corner in a more natural, human style (no pointy ears). The dress and hair is inspired a little by style in the 1930’s. It’s not meant to be accurate for that time period, I just wanted to create a classy look. Sketched 9/18/08, finished 9/20/08.

Practice in a more natural style. I used a photo of myself for reference (for the expression and the hand), and I think that’s come through a little in the face, though it’s not intended to be a self-portrait. I really like how the hand turned out. Drawn 9/20/08.

Aena from Green Corner in a bit of a gothic lolita style. Photo reference used for the pose. I’m not happy with the hand between her knees, so I’ll probably change that when I make a digital version.

I was originally trying to have Aena cosplaying as a stuffed doll, but ended up going in this direction instead. I’m pretty happy with this. I have trouble with seated poses sometimes, but the body has turned out quite well here. Drawn 9/20/08.