Updated Blog Design and Avatar

I created a new avatar of myself yesterday, in a bit of a different style. Here’s a larger version so that you can see the detail: Total time was about 2 hours. I added more detail than usual, and I wanted to have some likeness, so there was some more precise tweaking. I think it

Green Corner: Page Six

Green Corner has been updated. Published page six available here. If you want to start from the beginning, page one is here. I plan to start on page seven soon, but I will also be making a tutorial at the same time, so it may take a while. I’ll keep you updated. Enjoy the page!

Jumping Aena Complete

eeI’ve completed the illustration of Aena (from my comic series, Green Corner) jumping. You can see my earlier progress post here if you missed it. The finished piece: Total time was 5 hours and 11 minutes. As mentioned earlier, the initial linework took an hour and 35 minutes, while the flat colour took 13 and

Typography Resources

I’ve used a variety of websites in the last few years as resources for finding downloadable typeface families. Finding a site that offers font files that you pay for is pretty easy. I often come across fonts.com myself. I’ll include a list of some of the sites I’ve used (and currently use) here, but feel


Welcome to my new art blog, I hope you will enjoy following my posts. I thought I’d start this off with a little background information on my education and experience, as well as give some idea of the types of topics I hope to cover in the future. I studied graphic design at George Brown