While I’ve only reviewed the samples on his website, Andrew Cahner’s book looks like a great resource for models and those who work with models for figure drawing or life drawing. Even the sample chapters offer information that’s bound to be useful for art models and those hiring art models. It’s definitely the kind of book I would want to have on hand for reference if I were looking to hire a model.

Here’s a little about the book, from the Art Model’s Handbook website:

The Art Model’s Handbook explains what you need to know to model for art classes and professional artists. You’ll learn about the structure of a figure drawing session, how to come up with interesting poses, costume modeling, fine art photography, professional conduct, finding work, and security concerns. Awkward but important questions about nudity and body issues are addressed. Guidelines for faculty and sample policies are also included.

Based on the experience of the author, plus interviews with male and female models, artists, fine art photographers, and art school management, this is the definitive guide for art models, artists, and workshop leaders. The book is illustrated with figure drawings, paintings, sculpture, and photographs.

You can take a look at some excerpts from the book on the site, just select Table of Contents and Sample Chapters in the menu.

If you’d like to buy the book, it’s available on Amazon.com

Andrew, by the way, is the model who supplied the pose reference for the Suko with a Rose illustration.