New Feed URL

I’m switching the feed URL for this blog to Please update your feed settings if you’re subscribed. Edit: After some help from my brother, Laurence I’ve fixed things so that the feed link in the address bar displays correctly and your feed aggregator, if you’re subscribed to either of the old feeds, will automatically

Portfolio Website Update

I’ve made some updates to my portfolio website. There’s some new and updated pieces there, along with some streamlining of the site design and coding. I also added a link back to my art blog in the navigation. I’m considering the addition of some other pieces as well. I’d especially like to add to the

Updated Blog Design and Avatar

I created a new avatar of myself yesterday, in a bit of a different style. Here’s a larger version so that you can see the detail: Total time was about 2 hours. I added more detail than usual, and I wanted to have some likeness, so there was some more precise tweaking. I think it