Tip: Vector Blood

Adding a touch of blood to an illustration can instantly make an image seem more sinister. I’ve added blood to a couple of pages of Green Corner, as well as the 2008 Hallowe’en special. Creating blood in Illustrator is very simple. For the base: Set your fill colour to: C 0/ M 100/ Y 60/

Tip: Creating Vector Fog

Fog can be used in an illustration to enhance a spooky mood and chilly atmosphere or simply as an effect to draw attention to the focal point. My last two Hallowe’en specials for Green Corner have used fog, but each illustration has a very different mood. The Red Riding Hood illustration has a subtly chilly,

My Tutorial Promoted on Vectortuts

I usually don’t post this frequently, but I wanted to mention that my tutorial for creating comics with Illustrator is being promoted over on Vectortuts. Vectortuts is a vector tutorial blog that I regularly read and recommend to anyone who wants to find some quality Illustrator tutorials online. Everyone has different techniques, and there’s always