Page twenty five of Green Corner has been published! (see preview below of one of the panels)

There are more panels than usual on this page, which helps push the story along a bit faster. It’s closer to the outdoor scenes now.

Please visit the Green Corner website to see the update.

The TWC incentive is black and white line art for an upcoming special. I’ll probably be using it for the Hallowe’en special, but I had the chance to get a head start on it over the weekend. If you liked Jem and the Holograms and/or 1980’s style, you’ll probably like this one.

And a little note on the Green Corner story:
You may have noticed that Zalanda’s purse seemed to disappear. I hope the way Suko’s books appeared on this page give you a hint of what actually happened. The purse is with Zalanda all the time, but she’s more subtle in her magick and hid it without calling attention to what she was doing. She prefers people notice her, not her magick. A lot of the females tend to be subtle with magick of this sort. Males tend to prefer quicker options, and “snap spells” are common among the guys in town (unless they’re trying to show off!).

As for how that might affect security in the bookshop, the security system can detect even magickally hidden items. It also prevents fire magick.

Hope you enjoy the new page! There are also new progress images, the pencil for page 25, and new icons.