I’ve made some updates to my portfolio website.

In the design section, there are some new pieces that I completed for Swastika Laboratories (you can see the page of items created for them here). I designed their website to focus on the content while also strengthening their branding. I also designed some forms for them. Forms are one of my favourite things to design, but I don’t get to do them very often. My educational background is really in print design, so I like getting the chance to work on some print projects as well as web projects. It’s nice to balance the two, it keeps me on my toes 🙂

In the illustration section, there are some newly added Green Corner and Alice Project images. They’ve been shown here, but you can get a quick look at a selection of them in my portfolio.

I think the illustration page will need some more organization soon. It can be a bit tricky to arrange the thumbnails as they are. I prefer to give an idea of the entire image in the thumbnail, but the illustration pieces tend to vary a lot in size, so I may have to rethink that in future. I’m also debating the removal of traditional media from the illustration section, as the pieces are a bit old. I find that traditional media tends to be less forgiving when it’s older. But I guess that’s a good thing, as it means I’m improving. I am open to doing something traditional again, but it’s not requested very often. Vector illustration is an area where I feel more skilled, and it’s very flexible, so I tend to gravitate to that for personal projects.

General Updates:
I changed my portfolio site background to a subtle gradient. I was using a pattern for a while, but it didn’t feel right. I think the gradient is cleaner and maintains the aesthetic I was going for from the very beginning: for the work to be the focus, and the site to look nice and be user-friendly but never distract from the work. I also streamlined a little more coding and removed an older page. And there’s a new link in the menu to my Bubblesite for purchasing prints, in case anyone feels inclined to do so 🙂

Hope you like the changes. I have tested the site but, if I missed something, I appreciate a quick note pointing me in the direction of the problem so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.