This post is sponsored. I received 100 free bumper stickers for writing this post, however all opinions are my own.

A while back, StickerCanada approached me to write a review of one of their products, and having ordered from them in the past multiple times I happily agreed. For this review, I decided to choose 100 bumper stickers, so that I could try a different sticker than I’ve previously ordered.

In the past, I have also ordered vinyl stickers, including the Every Girl Can Be a Hero stickers available in the Pretty Heroes shop. Those stickers are 4″x4″ and the paper backing is exact sized, with an offset split to make it easy to peel off the paper to apply the sticker to a chosen surface. The colour is vibrant, though a bit darker than I originally expected, and they last well over time. I’ve used those stickers on multiple surfaces and rarely need to replace them.

The other sticker in the Pretty Heroes shop is printed by a different vendor, as is the window sticker you can see in the photo of my car below. Let me know if you want to hear more about that vendor in a separate post.

Every Girl Can Be a Hero Sticker (Art) Every Girl Can Be a Hero Sticker Affixed to a Thermos
Note the colour difference between the art file (left) and the real sticker attached to a thermos (right)

I have also ordered clear and opaque vinyl stickers for my day job (I currently do marketing and graphic design in-house for Intero Integrity Services, for the western hemisphere). Those stickers are smaller, so they are kiss cut and need to be peeled off the backing with minimal waste around them. They generally do the job they need to, though I have received internal feedback that some of them could benefit from a stronger adhesive for use on shipping cases, which I will request on reorder.

On to the bumper stickers!

Since this was a small order, I decided to get the 100 bumper stickers to use as a promotional giveaway for Pretty Heroes. We handed them out to some of the attendees who visited the Pretty Heroes booth at Toronto Comicon back in March and people were generally very pleased with the size and quality. There were a small number of people who said they couldn’t use a bumper sticker because they don’t have a car, but they’d be happy to use one of the stickers if they did!

Here’s what my artwork looks like on screen:

Every Girl Can Be a Hero Bumper Sticker (Art)

Here’s what the package of stickers looked like when I received it in the mail:

Every Girl Can Be a Hero Bumper Stickers in Clear Package

It’s a noticeable colour shift, but most people didn’t comment on it when they saw it in person. They simply liked the idea of the sticker, the colour wasn’t that important to them.

I put a couple of the stickers on my personal vehicle, and I’m so far pleased with how smoothly they went on and that they seem to be sticking very well. Because I decided to use two, I did need to be careful about how I applied them, and slightly repositioned the second one before pressing it down (I let it barely touch the vehicle to check position). Thankfully, this was possible and the adhesive wasn’t overzealous to make it impossible to reposition without damaging the sticker. I also found it easy to smooth bubbles out when applying. The backing is a single piece of paper, but it is easy to peel off from a corner.

Blue Car with Bumper Stickers

As with the Every Girl Can Be a Hero square stickers, I found the artwork printed darker than I was expecting. Although it’s normal to have some colour shift from screen to print, it’s a more significant shift than I expected. I still like the colour it printed, but it looks almost black and I intended to make it dark purple. I think comparing that colour shift is the only thing to keep in mind when ordering from StickerCanada, as otherwise service and quality are excellent. Any time I’ve had a question or needed a change to an order, their responses are timely, courteous, and professional. They also provide art proofs quickly and accept artwork in high resolution formats. Typically I send them an AI or PDF file, but you can also review their comprehensive art specs guide here.

Their pricing model is also very straightforward, as it’s all-inclusive and you don’t need to calculate taxes and shipping on top of a base price. You can also easily use the calculators on their website to estimate the pricing based on sticker type, dimensions, shape, quantity, etc.

See below for an example:

screengrab of estimate calculator from StickerCanada website

screengrab taken May 25, 2022 from

They also clearly display estimated lead time. Occasionally they have temporary shutdowns for maintenance, but that is always communicated on the website as well as by customer service when placing an order, in case it impacts when you need to receive your order.

Here’s a sample of what shipping estimates look like:

StickerCanada shipping estimate screengrab

screengrab taken May 25, 2022 from

Final thoughts:

Overall, I’m very happy with their service and quality. I enthusiastically recommend considering StickerCanada for your sticker needs. Their pricing is competitive and the sticker quality is excellent. The only thing I suggest being wary of is that some colours may shift from artwork to print, so keep that in mind in case you need a very specific colour for your order. I’ve mostly seen this with pink/purple tones so far, but I do think it’s worth considering in case you want to adjust your art file in order to compensate.

If you’re not sure about placing an order yet and need an extra incentive, I also suggest signing up for their email newsletter as they occasionally send out coupons and sales notices for different types of stickers. They are also currently having a sale on art paper stickers until June 3rd. Use the code ART10 for 10% off your art paper stickers.

I hope you found this review helpful in your search for a sticker vendor. Let me know what you found most useful in the comments or ask me additional questions based on my experience with them.