This is a continuation of my post yesterday, focusing on work that I created for DM Home Remodelers, including some of my process work. If you missed part one, you can still read it here.

The Door Hangers
These are simple leave-behinds that can be used to canvass a neighbourhood at an affordable price. Here, we decided to tie in the look with the classifieds ads as well as the website design. Many of these projects were being worked on concurrently. Consistency in the corporate identity was also an important goal, to encourage trust and brand recognition.

(door hanger design, without diecut)

The final door hangers emphasize the corporate colours, tie in to the welcoming atmosphere of the website, and showcase a photo of a real renovation project.

The Customer Brochure
Although the brochure was finalized after the website launch, I’ll discuss the brochure first as the website is a much larger project.

As I was formatting photos for the website around the same time that I was working on the brochure, I was able to choose photos from the website galleries that would also appear crisp and interesting in print. Copyediting and strategic photo placement really helped this piece come together. I also chose to use a tint of their corporate brown as the base for the page colour. Interestingly, when printed on a semi-glossy paper, this resulted in an almost golden sheen when light reflected off of it at an angle. This sheen works well with the design and the company. Again, a strong foundation as well as new creations are being emphasized, especially when this piece is seen in print.

(brochure design, exterior, with fold lines)

(brochure design, inside, without fold lines)

The Company Website
Last but certainly not least, we come to the company website. My clients had previously worked on their text and knew exactly what they wanted to say about their business and what they provide to customers. They also had an idea of how they wanted to structure the site with straightforward categories to ensure that information was easy to find.

I generally begin my website designs with a mockup in Illustrator. I am more of an expert with this program, which speeds up the process. However, the major reason I use Illustrator for the layout is that I can precisely place various elements and export pieces as needed without always needing to use slices or trim exported images. Photoshop is an excellent program as well, but I prefer to focus on photo editing in Photoshop and manipulate simpler graphics in Illustrator.

I presented three concepts (two of which were extremely similar). The chosen concept features sky, grass, and soil as a footer. It is bright and welcoming and reiterates the branding colours. Utilizing PHP, I created a number of includes to ensure that editing certain repeated elements would be very easy to accomplish and that these pieces would appear consistently whenever they were used.

The includes were primarily the side menu, the header, and the footer. There were also includes created for the gallery section previews. Some sections have multiple pages, and creating includes for these previews allows for easy expansion.

The final website has 21 pages, with plenty of room for expansion if needed at a later date. The gallery utilizes Lightbox, to simply and easily showcase photos without using popup windows or navigating to separate pages. The contact page uses a form (fully tested prior to launch, of course) for emailing queries. It also conveniently includes phone numbers and the fax number for the business. I also created a small, green, house-shaped favicon (with the house shape from the logo), which is a nice addition for bookmarking.

(screen grabs from live website)

Although I’ve included some screen grabs above, I encourage you to check out the live website as well. There is a lot of information included that is helpful to anyone considering a renovation project. And, of course, if you are looking for renovation services in York Region or the surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to contact Dave and Mike about your project. I’m sure they would love to help you!

Although there are other pieces I have created for DM Home Remodelers as well, I hope that the selection of work that I have shared in these posts has given you a good idea of the corporate identity I helped develop for DM Home Remodelers, as well as my approach to creating branded materials for this type of business. I plan to do more posts like this in the future, about other client work, as it’s a nice way for me to share some of my rationale while also showcasing my clients. I hope you have enjoyed reading this spotlight! If you are one of my clients and would like to see some of the work I created for you showcased on this blog, please get in touch to let me know.

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  1. Thank you. Yes, it was quie a lot to do, but one of my favourite things to do as a designer is to be a part of significant amount of the corporate image. I think part of that is because I specialize in corporate design, so I like seeing how the corporate image can extend to different applications while remaining a level of consistency in the brand.

    Glad you enjoyed reading 🙂

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