Here’s a simple tip for allowing people with Adobe Reader to be able to save form data in a PDF form or comment directly on a PDF.

  1. Open your PDF (e.g. file.pdf) in Acrobat Professional 8.
  2. Select “enable usage rights in Adobe Reader” from the “Advanced” menu.
  3. Save the Reader-enabled copy with a new file name or you will overwrite your original PDF. (e.g. file-re.pdf)

There you go, now you have a Reader-enabled PDF.

This works great for forms you want to be submitted via e-mail or proofs you want your clients to comment on directly. Suggest Reader-enabled forms to your clients who are environmentally conscious, as electronic forms save paper.

Alternatively, if you are a client working with a graphic designer and you’d like to be able to save and e-mail PDF forms or comment on PDFs, ask your graphic designer for a Reader enabled PDF.

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  1. The extra usage rights must be added to the PDF from Adobe Acrobat. The feature may move to a different menu or have a slightly different name in newer versions of Acrobat, but it is still available in Acrobat X.

    From Reader, you will only be able to edit if the usage rights have been enabled. You may need to turn on some extra toolbars to take advantage of all the editing options, but this is easy to do.

    Unfortunately you cannot add editing rights from Reader itself, only from Acrobat.

    I hope that answers your question! Please let me know if you need more details.

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