Welcome to my new art blog, I hope you will enjoy following my posts.

I thought I’d start this off with a little background information on my education and experience, as well as give some idea of the types of topics I hope to cover in the future.

I studied graphic design at George Brown College, where I majored in Image Design/ Illustration and Corporate Design. I have a solid understanding of how to prepare files for both print-based and web-based media. I also have strong traditional skills.

Before I began college, I was offered acceptance to a university for a Bachelor of Arts program as an English major. I do have a tendency to be wordy at times.

My work experience and where you might have seen me:

  • I was a portrait artist and caricaturist at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland in the year 2000. I mostly drew 3/4 view pastel portraits and black and white caricatures.
  • I drew caricatures and sold fanart at some Toronto area conventions, with a small amount of original prints. Specifically, they were: Anime North from 2002-2005 and the Canadian National Expo (later renamed FanExpo Canada) in 2002.
  • I worked at Things Engraved for over a year at two different malls. I often engraved small or difficult items.
  • My first full time graphic design job was for International Safety Systems Inc., as their marketing coordinator and in-house graphic designer. In the time that I was there, I produced: a new product catalogue (printed in colour), a new website, new and updated forms, as well as various promotional materials. I still work with them on a freelance basis.

I am currently a Freelance Graphic Designer. I specialize in corporate design and illustration, but I also do a fair bit of user-friendly, standards-compliant webdesign. I am actively looking for a full time position where I can use my skills to assist another company flourish.

I love learning new techniques, and I plan to share some of the resources I’ve found online for tutorials, tips, and reference imagery. I’m currently interested in expanding my working knowledge of Flash, and hope to add it to the list of software with which I’m proficient.

Feel free to ask questions about software or illustration techniques. I plan to answer those to the best of my ability.

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out my work on my portfolio website.