The Story

Green Corner is an on-going fantasy series centred around a cheerful teenaged pixie named Aena and her friends. The story focuses on teen and life issues such as romance, bullying, and self-esteem; all in a magickal setting. If you have questions about the story, feel free to check out the FAQ.
Emily Gonsalves (self-portrait)

The Author

The art and story of Green Corner, as well as this website, are created by Emily Gonsalves, a Canadian graphic designer and illustrator. She studied graphic design at George Brown College, majoring in image design (primarily illustration) and corporate design. She specializes in corporate design, particularly branding and corporate image, as well as optimizing website usability with standards-compliant HTML and CSS. Her work experience includes the following positions: portrait artist and caricaturist at a theme park, engraver at a specialty gift shop, in-house graphic designer, as well as various freelance positions as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Emily's online portfolio website is available here and features illustration and graphic design work. Emily's art blog is available here and has an atom feed for convenient reading. Prints of her artwork are availble for sale from Emily's Bubblesite. Apparel featuring Emily's artwork is available at Mysoti. If you would like to follow her on Twitter, you can find her Twitter feed here

The series is dedicated in loving memory to Emily's grandmother, Rita who encouraged Emily to make comics. She was also an inspiration in encouraging Emily to pursue her dreams.

Tools and Software

Penciled pages of Green Corner are created on copy paper at a size of 5" x 7", using pencils, rulers, French curves, and assorted templates (particularly for ovals). An Ames lettering guide is sometimes used to place text. The primary software used to create the digital art is Adobe Illustrator. The book will later be assembled using Adobe InDesign.

If you are interested in the process of taking penciled pages to their final digital version, please refer to this tutorial (PDF) written by Emily Gonsalves.