age: 22

eyes: brown

hair: dark purple/ black, shoulder length. Usually worn in a ponytail

physique: tall, muscular, handsome

family: an only child himself, he's quite fond of Aena, and often acts like a protective older brother to her. Kasha is his cousin.

romance: previously had a very involved long-term relationship with Zalanda until he mysteriously broke it off

school: Yousei University, third year (Academy year eight)

clothing: white dress shirt underneath a dark grey vest; worn with matching dark blue jacket and pants. Also wears a red ribbon tied in a loose bow around his neck as a tie and black dress shoes.

special skills: incredible skill and precision with knife throwing; physical strength

weapons: throwing daggers, kept inside his suit jacket

personality: quiet and mysterious, likes to be heroic

claim to fame: previously trained with Zalanda, whom he also dated, helping her perfect her archery skills. Hopes to see her become a world-class archer. Studies telepathy at the University, likes to use his telepathic skills to catch others off guard.

Barudo prefers to keep his emotions in check. He reveals little about himself to others.