age: 18

eyes: blue

hair: straight, hip length with bangs, black or dark purple

physique: tall, slim, athletic

family: Barudo is her cousin.

friends: closest friend is fellow fifth year classmate, Zalanda; Suko is another one of her classmates. Idolized by Aena.

school: Yousei Academy, year five student; newly transferred

clothing: three-quarter length sleeved shirt worn with matching bodice/ corset. Also wears blue capri length pants, and flat shoes.

special skills: spells, magick

personality: naturally quiet and reserved. Does her best to be polite and well-spoken at all times. Well aware of her fame, she is also humble about it and never loses sight of her goal to better herself rather than try to be better than others.

claim to fame: a dark-haired beauty and idol, she is also the reigning Queen of the Elven Championships. Not only does she have unmatched style and grace, but she is able to perform even the most complicated spells and tasks while appearing to be completely at ease.

Beautiful and mysterious, she astounded crowds as a young prodigy, unbeatable from her first public competition. She is a friend to Zalanda, and idolized by Aena. Recently transferred to Yousei Academy, this multi-talented senior is highly skilled at performing various types of magick spells.