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The following are sole property of Emily Gonsalves:

The aforementioned are also collectively known herein as Green Corner and related properties. This includes all original media of Green Corner and related properties. Emily Gonsalves (also referred to herein as the author), holds all rights to Green Corner and related properties, including copyrights.

Media from the website may be used for non-commercial, educational, individual, or fan use with credit. If it includes a significant amount of reproduction of Green Corner and related properties, please request permission from the author.

Terms of Use
By visiting this website, you agree to adhere to the following rules. These are non-negotiable.

If you disobey these rules, please note that it may give the author the right to pursue you and take legal action for damages and or compensation.

Fan Media
Any person(s) other than the original author, including a fan or fans, are collectively referred to herein as a fan or fans. Media made by a fan or fans is acceptable and may be created without express permission of the author. This includes:

Fanfics and Fansites must include credit to the author.

Credit includes naming the author, Emily Gonsalves, as the original creator of:

To give credit for any original visual or written representations of the characters, the comic, or the story; include the name of the author and an optional link to either the Green Corner website (, the author's portfolio website (, or the author's e-mail address ( ).

If you are using an image that already contains the name of the author, in full (as "Emily Gonsalves"), you do not have to additionally include written credit citing the author's name, but it would be appreciated if you included one of the previously mentioned links. If you use a small image (excluding those displayed in the image gallery and sketchbook), either written credit listing the author's name in full, or a link to one of the previously mentioned sites or e-mail address must be used. The small images are not available to be redistributed, even to fansites.

You may include a text link to the Green Corner website (or any of the other websites created and or maintained by the author) without mentioning the author's name or using any media of Green Corner and related properties, without the need for request. If you wish to inform the author that you have linked to one of the author's websites, you may do so by sending an e-mail to the author.

Any commercial and or non-solicited e-mail, are herein referred to as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) or spam. Do not send any UCE or spam to the author's e-mail address, including (but not limited to):

The receipt of any UCE or spam to the author's e-mail will automatically revoke the potential privilege of the sender, the company or companies advertised, and or any other known responsible party from ever having a working relationship with the author. It also grants the author right to publicly inform others that said businesses and or individuals should not be worked with due to: their active practicing of sending spam and or UCE as well as their obvious lack of respect for (potential) clients. Also be advised that senders of UCE or spam may be reported to their e-mail provider.

Fan Mail
Acceptable e-mail to the author from a fan or fans can include a request to visit a website or websites (banners and buttons are okay; full page ads will be ignored). It is recommended that any such website(s) mentioned are related to any of the author's websites or may be of potential interest to the author. Things that are not of interest to the author are listed above, under the Spam section. Please do not just send a link and a promotional blurb about the website. It is preferable that you include an actual written request.

Comments, suggestions, requests, etc. are always welcome; and all such acceptable e-mail will be responded to personally by the author.

Green Corner and Related Properties belong to Emily Gonsalves. By visiting any part of the Green Corner website, you agree to be bound by the rules contained within this document.

The content of this document may be changed at any time by the author, without prior notice. The content of this document extends to include Green Corner and related properties created from 1997 (the creation year) forward, protecting all original Green Corner and related properties for the duration of legal copyright.