age: 18

hair: just past shoulder length, light blue, worn in a ponytail tied with blue ribbon

friends: classmates of Kasha, the celebrity, and Zalanda, whom he finds intimidating. Also friends with Xico and Mazai, third year male students who are classmates of Aena and Alshina.

school: Yousei Academy, year five student

clothing: white dress shirt underneath a grey vest; worn with matching grey jacket and pants. Often wears a blue ribbon tied in a loose bow around his neck as a tie and black dress shoes.

romance: currently single, he is unknowingly Aena's object of affection. Zalanda often flirts with him, but he sees her only as a friend. He has a secret crush on a girl at school and at least some of his friends (including Xico and Mazai) know the identity of the girl he likes.

claim to fame: a pretty boy adored by quite a few of the girls at school, he's also kind, friendly, and fairly popular. He tends to walk into the middle of situations or conversations — usually leaving him completely clueless.

Suko is often gentle with ladies, but is not afraid of taking control of the situation around other guys.