Short Stories

Koru's Memory
Koru reminisces about how he first met Alshina, and the events leading up to their first date.
Naughty and Nice: Yule with the Eritsuro Family
It's cold outside, but it's time for holiday photos! A companion to the "Naughty and Nice" 2008 winter special featuring Zalanda and Aena.

Comic Scripts

Act 1: The Bookshop
Aena is a cheerful and friendly pixie, but a bad day can ruin anyone's mood. After feeling like a fool in front of her crush, she overhears his friends comparing her to her voluptuous, older sister. Fearing that her crush would rather be with Zalanda, Aena glumly trudges home to cry. Can anything raise her spirits?
Act 2: The Party (script unavailable)
Zalanda is throwing a party for Yousei Academy seniors. Blackmailed into allowing her little sister to attend, she ensures Aena knows she's not welcome. With the possibility of more embarrassing moments ahead, will Aena regret being there?