age: 18

zodiac sign: Sagittarius

MBTI type: ESTJ (Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging)

eyes: blue

hair: waist length, blonde, loosely curled

family: younger sister, Aena, of whom she is over-protective, but also teases incessantly.

school: Yousei Academy, year five student

friends: Although very popular, doesn't have a lot of close friends. She is friendly with her classmate, Suko, and best friends with Kasha, whom she enjoys training with.

romance: appears to like Suko and often flirts with him. Previously dated Barudo.

clothing: form-fitting light brown mini dress with shoulder straps, and a slit up each side of the skirt; tied at the waist with a long blue ribbon. Also wears thigh-high blue nylons and high heels with straps.

special skills: as an archer, she is unmatched in skill and precision — even when blindfolded.

weapons: long bow with quiver of arrows

claim to fame: the sexy, leggy, blonde bombshell sought after by many men — namely for her looks. She knows her assets and she knows how to use them to her advantage. Although normally quite agreeable; she's rather mean to her kid sister, Aena. She's always teasing Aena and one-upping her.

A senior at Yousei Academy; this confident, voluptuous young woman is more than a pretty face. Arguably the best archer in all of Midori Forest; she has impeccable aim, even when blindfolded. With a tongue as sharp as her aim; she is bold, outspoken, and highly critical. The elder sister of Aena, she never tires of teasing her younger sibling.