Corporate Identity

iCE30 back and iCE25 front
Matching logos for the two variations of the iCE LED operating room surgical lights. Straight versions created for branding literature and other materials, curved versions created for imprinting on the lightheads. Also completed photo editing to remove background and enhance products.

Family of logo designs and keypad for Mira LED minor surgery/exam lights. Logos are colour coded to easily identify different variations of the light and the respective brightnesses. Keypad designed to match other lighting keypads for architectural, minor surgery/exam, and task/reading lights. Logos also designed to match the larger surgical lights as related products. Also completed photo editing to remove background and enhance product.

Promotional Literature

This catalogue/brochure is primarily focused on products for the ICU. Coverage of products for operating rooms and related products that can integrate with the ICU products is also included.

Layout created in InDesign, based on an existing template. Photo editing in Photoshop as needed to enhance details. Photography of select products and assisted photography direction for newer products.

Click here for the full length, high-res PDF.

This double-sided postcard showcases a range of LED lighting solutions that can be installed in ceiling or on walls, as well as a keypad for controlling light functions. The back side provides an overview of the full range of medical lighting products available.

Layout created in InDesign. Photos edited in Photoshop as needed to enhance details.

Click here for the hi-res PDF.

Company Forms

This interactive PDF allows customers to use drop down lists to generate the main product part number for an Amico SOT vacuum regulator and select checkboxes to display add-on part numbers. This can be used by customers or sales staff to record part numbers for orders.

Layout with selected interactive elements created in InDesign. Additional formatting and programming of form elements added in Acrobat Pro.

Click here for an interactive demo PDF.

Packaging Illustrations

Select illustrations created as part of a packaging design project for Amico Accessories. Illustrations were created in vector format with Illustrator in a sketchy style, using reference photos of the products.

Safety Reference

Safety reference sheet created for Amico Patient Care’s overbed tables. This document is distributed with new overbed tables to customers as a quick reminder of safe practices.